DCH will delay new system for Medicaid hospital payments

[private]The Department of Community Health will delay for six months the implementation of a new methodology for handling Medicaid payments to hospitals.

DCH Commissioner Frank Berry announced the holdup at Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Community Health.

“We are going to hold on implementation until we can do a little bit more due diligence with providers and stakeholders,” Berry said. “That’s going to be delayed another six months . . . so that we can all get a better understanding of how this is going to work.”

Berry said that Chris Riley, Gov. Nathan Deal’s chief of staff, had requested the delay in implementation.

Riley said he asked DCH to hold off on the new system because of concerns among the hospitals that would be affected by the change.

“There was a lot of angst in the hospital community and we were not able to get those (concerns) answered,” Riley said. “The numbers they were putting out (on reimbursement payments) were estimates and they weren’t quantifying them.”

The inpatient perspective payment system (IPPS) was initially adopted by the DCH board last month and was on the agenda for final adoption at Thursday’s meeting.

The community health board did vote to start the approval process for several new regulations that are required under bills adopted by the General Assembly this year.

As required by HB 210, blood banks that collect blood not for diagnostic purposes but as the source material for the manufacture of biological products will be exempted from state regulation — they are already regulated by the federal government.

As stated in SB 96, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses working in nursing homes or hospices can make a determination of death if no physician is present and the person dies of natural causes.

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