Williams bashes Cagle over pay proposal, won’t provide documentation for his charges

[private]State Sen. Michael Williams (R-Cumming) lambasted Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle Thursday as “despicable” and “reprehensible” for proposing a minimum wage for the state’s law enforcement officers.

Cagle in recent days has floated the idea of a minimum wage for law enforcement officers, and Williams denounced that proposal as an attempt to use police officers for “political gain.”

“The lieutenant governor, who now wants to be their governor, is too busy using them as political props rather than seeking to provide for their needs,” Williams said at a capitol press conference, held just a few yards from Cagle’s office.MichaelWilliams2

“When legislation was introduced by myself and others to provide across the board pay raises for officers making less than the minimum wage, Casey would not only deny them support, he actively made sure to kill the legislation,” Williams charged.

He said he was referring to SB 288 and SB 254, two bills that did not make out of committee.

Cagle’s campaign did not respond to Williams’ accusations.

Williams is running against Cagle and at least two other candidates in the Republican primary for governor, but he has concentrated his political fire at the lieutenant governor.

“I know that in less time than it takes me to tie my shoes, Casey and his gang of bullies will begin to further assault me and my family,” Williams charged. “It won’t be the first time or the last. We are ready. You cannot break us. . . .We will be here. Your days are numbered.”

Williams also repeated a charge he made last month at the state Republican convention: that he was offered the chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Committee if he would drop out of the governor’s race.

“There’s a reason that Casey Cagle’s team wanted me out of this race, to the point where they offered me a Senate chairmanship for my support,” Williams claimed.

Now as then, however, Williams offered no documentation to back up his sensational charges against Cagle and the Senate leadership — accusations which have been denied by those involved.MichaelWilliams1

In response to several questions from reporters, Williams said he would provide that information “in time.”

“We’ll address that one later,” Williams said, when asked to provide proof about the offer of the committee chairmanship.

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