Political Notes — Georgia Lottery has a jackpot year

[private]The Georgia Lottery says it transferred a little more than $1.1 billion to the state treasury during the just-completed fiscal year for educational programs, which is an all-time record.

To be exact, the Lottery provided $1,101,062,911 for the HOPE scholarship fund and for pre-K programs.

“We’re proud of this achievement, especially since we had the support of a massive jackpot the previous fiscal year,” said Lottery President Debbie Dlugolenski Alford. “This truly was a team collaboration.”

Lottery players won $2.74 billion in prizes in fiscal year 2017 and retailers were paid more than $268 million in commissions.

The Lottery has been a source of concern for legislators in recent years because of fears that it won’t be able to cover the growing number of HOPE scholarship recipients.

Lawmakers have also criticized the Lottery for not turning over a higher percentage of its gross proceeds to the treasury. The Senate passed legislation this year that would have required lottery officials to transfer a higher percentage to the educational programs, but the measure did not get a House vote.

Hill may run for insurance commissioner

Fresh from his losing campaign in the 6th Congressional District special election, former legislator Judson Hill says he is now mulling a candidacy for insurance commissioner.

The Cobb County Republican said in a Facebook posting:

A leader is needed who will aggressively advocate with Congress to implement meaningful health care reform to re-set the insurance marketplace. Insurance providers deserve a Commissioner who supports the free market, will eliminate burdensome government regulations, and commits to stabilize the insurance market across Georgia.

Over the next few weeks, Shelly and I will make a decision regarding the race for Georgia Insurance Commissioner. I appreciate the numerous offers of support from across Georgia. I ask for your prayers and welcome your comments.

Ralston appointments

House Speaker David Ralston has announced appointments to three legislative study committees, including:

House Study Committee on Georgians’ Barriers to Access to Adequate Health Care: Reps. Sharon Cooper (chair), Karen Bennett, Lee Hawkins, Rick Jasperse, and Betty Price. Non-legislative members: Dr. Yolanda Graham, Karen Sicard, Dr. Gregory Felzien, and Dr. Steve Walsh.

House Study Committee on Local Government Utility Payment Options for Customers in Need of Assistance: Reps. Karla Drenner (chair), John Deffenbaugh, Matt Dollar, Don Parsons, and Bruce Williamson.

House Study Committee on State & Local Construction Management: Reps. Dominic LaRiccia (chair), Emory Dunahoo, Craig Gordon, Chuck Martin, Jimmy Pruett, Bill Werkheiser, and Chuck Williams. Non-legislative members: Jim James, vice chancellor for facilities in the University System and state school Supt. Richard Woods.

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