Bainbridge State will be converted to technical college

[private]The campus of Bainbridge State College, which is currently in the process of being consolidated with Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, will be converted to a technical college under a plan given preliminary approval Tuesday by the Board of Regents.

The Regents authorized University System officials to begin the planning process for transferring ownership of the land and buildings that make up the campus of Bainbridge State to the Technical College System of Georgia.

A similar resolution has already been passed by the board of the Technical College System.

Bainbridge State already offers a mix of courses that would help fulfill the requirements for a bachelor’s degree or a technical college training certificate. Under the new arrangement, the campus would be operated as an affiliate of the Technical College System.

Abraham Baldwin would lease a portion of the Bainbridge State property and continue to use it as a satellite campus offering bachelor’s degree courses, Vice Chancellor John Fuchko said.

The regents also okayed Tuesday a $2.43 billion budget request for fiscal year 2019, along with a capital budget of $352 million for new construction and campus renovation projects.

That request will be forwarded to the governor’s office and eventually will be decided by the General Assembly when it adopts the state budget for the next fiscal year.

The total University System budget, which includes tuition revenues and government research grants, will eventually total about $8.8 billion.

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