Ga. Power hints it will go ahead with Vogtle nukes

[private]Georgia Power executives have dropped a not-so-subtle hint – a hint weighing 700 tons, to be exact – that they intend to proceed with construction of the cost overrun-plagued nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle.

The company sent out a news release Wednesday bragging about the installation of the first 1.4 million-pound steam generator at the Unit 3 nuclear island.

The event “marks the first major lift under the recently finalized service agreement with Westinghouse which places Southern Nuclear in charge of oversight activities at the construction site,” the company said.

The two AP1000 units under construction at Plant Vogtle each require two steam generators, “all of which are currently onsite,” the utility said.

Georgia Power and its parent corporation, the Southern Co., have indicated to the Public Service Commission that they will file a formal recommendation Aug. 31 on whether to proceed with construction of the two reactors or shut down the project.

In Wednesday’s news release, the utility said “construction momentum has continued uninterrupted” on the nuclear project since the recent bankruptcy of the primary contractor, Westinghouse Electric – an indication that the project will not be shut down, even though cost overruns now exceed $3 billion and the project is five to six years behind schedule.

Two nuclear reactors in South Carolina that also use the AP1000 design developed by Westinghouse were recently shut down because of cost overruns and schedule delays similar to those experienced by Georgia Power at Plant Vogtle.

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