Abrams steps down from House seat to concentrate on governor’s race

[private]Stacey Abrams has stepped down from her seat in the Georgia House of Representatives to focus her energies on the Democratic race for governor.

In a letter to Gov. Nathan Deal, Abrams resigned her Atlanta district seat effective Friday. A special election will have to be called to replace Abrams.

“I have been privileged to serve the communities of this district since my election in 2006, and to serve the broader community of Georgia as House Minority Leader from 2010 to 2017,” her letter said. “However, as I pursue a new elected office, the residents of our district will be best served by a representative focused wholly on their needs.”

Abrams earlier this summer resigned as the House minority leader and was subsequently replaced by Rep. Bob Trammell (D-Luthersville).

Her major opponent in the Democratic primary, Rep. Stacey Evans (D-Smyrna), has not resigned from the House.

Elected officials often, but not always, resign from their position early to concentrate on running fulltime for a higher office.

Sometimes the gambit works, but not always.

Sonny Perdue resigned from the state Senate a year early in 2001 to run for governor and upset incumbent Gov. Roy Barnes in 2002.

On the other hand, Edward Lindsey resigned as House majority whip when he ran for Congress in 2014, but still finished fourth in the Republican primary. Donna Sheldon gave up a House leadership position to run in another congressional district that year and finished out of the money in third place.

In resigning early from the General Assembly, Abrams gives herself the flexibility to campaign fulltime for governor. On the other hand, she gives up a platform in next year’s legislative session to speak out on the state’s major issues.

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