Special legislative elections attract 24 candidates

[private]There’s no shortage of candidates for the special elections that will be held Nov. 7 to replace six departed legislators — 24 people had qualified in all by the 1 p.m. deadline on Friday.

One race has apparently been decided already: the State House District 42 seat vacated by Stacey Evans.

The only candidate to qualify for that seat was a Democrat, Teri Anulewicz, a Smyrna consultant and a frequent contributor to a Republican website, Georgiapol.com. Barring some unforeseen development, she should be assured of victory.

Here are the candidates for each legislative seat —

State Senate District 6 (replacing Hunter Hill):

Democrats: Jen Jordan, a Cobb County attorney; Jaha Howard, a pediatric dentist; and Taos Wynn, a marketing consultant.

Republicans: Charlie Fiveash, commercial real estate; Kathy Eichenblatt, a chief operating officer; Leah Aldridge, an attorney; Leo Smith, former Republican Party aide; and Matt Bentley, an attorney.

State Senate District 39 (replacing Vincent Fort):

Democrats: Nikema Williams, a Democratic Party official; Linda Pritchett, a paralegal; Elijah Tutt, public service; and Marckeith DeJesus, a financial counseling supervisor.

Republicans: Nick Carlson, a commercial real estate broker.

State Representative District 42 (replacing Stacey Evans):

Democrats: Teri Anulewicz, a Smyrna consultant.

State Representative District 89 (replacing Stacey Abrams):

Democrats: Sachin Varghese, an attorney; Bee Nguyen, a nonprofit director; David Abbott, an attorney; and Monique Keane, an attorney.

State Representative District 117 (replacing Regina Quick):

Republicans: Houston Gaines, an Athens public relations consultant.

Democrats: Deborah Gonzalez, an Athens attorney.

State Representative District 119 (replacing Chuck Williams):

Republicans: Lawton Lord, a Watkinsville funeral director; Marcus A. Wiedower, a Watkinsville project manager; and Steven Strickland, a business development director.

Democrats: Jonathan Wallace, a Watkinsville software development manager.

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