DeKalb Commission okays Emory annexation by Atlanta

[private]The DeKalb County Commission approved an agreement Tuesday with the City of Atlanta that could pave the way for the annexation of Emory University, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Villa International, Synod of South Atlantic & Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Centers for Disease Control.

If Atlanta also adopts the agreement covering the 744-acre tract, it will become the recommendation by the two governments to an arbitration panel that has been reviewing the proposed annexation.

“We have a historic agreement that protects the interest of all residents in DeKalb County and the City of Atlanta,” DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond said. “This lays a foundation for the enhancement of transportation options for both jurisdictions. I believe that Atlanta and DeKalb leaders have developed a model for future regional cooperation.”

The agreement’s main provisions:

  • Atlanta will adopt DeKalb’s zoning classifications and requirements for the annexed area and receive written approval from the county for any changes. Four members of the county commission, including one of the two commissioners representing the annexed area, must agree with any changes in the zoning ordinance.
  • DeKalb will provide water and sewer services and storm water services to the annexed areas as well as collect fees for such services. DeKalb will continue to provide fire services in exchange for an annual payment of $1 million for two to 10 years for a total payment of $10.25 million.
  • Atlanta will notify all proposed real estate developments that sewer capacity analysis by the county is required.
  • Atlanta will take ownership of all roads, bridges and 10 traffic signals in the annexed area.
  • The DeKalb and Atlanta leadership will request MARTA to conduct a public meeting to discuss future transit plans for the annexed area.

If the annexation is finalized, it will the largest area annexed into Atlanta since the city added the Buckhead area in the 1950s.

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