Political Notes — With an election coming, Cagle plans to bash immigrants

[private]Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is turning to that old reliable for the upcoming legislative session: bashing undocumented immigrants.

Cagle says one of his priorities for the session will be to bolster the state’s efforts to “deport illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in Georgia.”

“I have led on the principle that illegal immigrants convicted of crimes should serve full sentences in custody – and then be deported by the federal government,” Cagle said. “This legislation builds on the lessons we have learned from current law to ensure that convicted illegal immigrants do not fall through the cracks of the system and re-enter our communities.”

Cagle said his legislative proposal, similar to a law enacted in Texas, would do these things:

  • Local law enforcement agencies would be required to comply when notified by the federal government of immigration detainers.
  • Local law enforcement agencies that receive an immigration detainer request would have to inform the court of the detainer. After a conviction, judges would instruct the sheriff or warden to require inmates serve the final portion of their sentences in federal custody.
  • The state would defend local governments from “hogwash lawsuits” that might be filed against them over this issue.

Cagle is perceived to be the frontrunner in next year’s Republican primary for governor, but he’s running against three established candidates who are all trying to move to the right of him: Secretary of State Brian Kemp, state Sen. Michael Williams, and former legislator Hunter Hill.

Proposing a harsh anti-immigrant law such as this is one way of fending off primary challenges from the right.

Pak is confirmed

The U.S. Senate has confirmed former legislator Byung J. “BJay” Pak as the new U.S. Attorney for the northern district of Georgia.

“BJay brings the passion and expertise required for this role, and I have full confidence that he will make Georgians proud as he works to protect their interests and enforce the rule of law,” Sen. Johnny Isakson said.

“BJay’s skillful leadership and superb judgment will lead the office to even greater accomplishments, and safeguard the tradition of honor and integrity firmly established by those who served in this office before us,” said John Horn, who had been serving as the interim U.S. Attorney.

If not Talmadge, what?

The Savannah City Council passed a resolution last week urging legislators to rename the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge.

The name change has been discussed for years because of Talmadge’s record as white supremacist and a segregationist during his terms as governor in the 1930s and 1940.

Sen. Lester Jackson (D-Savannah) is seen as a likely sponsor for a renaming bill.

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