Williams accuses AJC of pushing ‘fake poll’ for Cagle

[private]State Sen. Michael Williams, a Republican candidate for governor, accused the state’s largest newspaper of pushing a “fake poll” from a “discredited pollster” to help one of his opponents, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

Williams was referring to an article written by Greg Bluestein that was posted online Thursday by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The article reported on a poll conducted internally for the Cagle campaign by McLaughlin & Associates that showed Cagle with 41 percent support among Republican voters to only 3 percent for Williams.

“By publishing Campaign Casey’s fake poll from a discredited pollster, the AJC became a campaign arm of the Cagle camp and the establishment,” said Seth Weathers, a Williams adviser, in a statement.

“Not only did the AJC publish a fake poll, they failed to mention the poll was bought and paid for by the Cagle campaign!” Weathers said. “The polling firm, McLaughlin & Associates, has the worst track record in the polling industry.”

Part of Weathers’ statement is not accurate. The AJC article clearly states that the poll was an internal poll leaked by the Cagle campaign.

The article further stated: “Internal polls are meant to be taken with a grain of salt, and this one is no different. They are leaked to media types to show their candidates in a favorable light, scare their rivals and send a message to supporters and the undecided.“

Weathers also said: “To top it off, the idiots who put together this fake poll, released it stamped with a date in the future, (October 23, 2017) – you can’t make this stuff up! The AJC literally published results for a “poll” that is not to be conducted for another 10 days.”

Weathers is correct in that assertion. A memo accompanying the poll results is indeed dated October 23, 2017.

Williams, a disciple of Donald Trump, is employing the Trumpian tactic of attacking the media when it publishes something that might be harmful to your campaign.

At one point in the lengthy statement released Thursday afternoon, Weathers said: “The AJC has a credibility problem. This is not new; their only ‘conservative’ opinion writer is an anti-Trump member of the establishment.”

That was evidently a reference to AJC pundit Kyle Wingfield.

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