Political Notes – Tisdale won’t go to jail over her videotaping incident

[private]Citizen journalist Nydia Tisdale will not have to serve any jail time for her misdemeanor obstruction conviction stemming from her videotaping of a political rally in Dawson County in 2014.

She will pay a $1,000 fine and perform 40 hours of community service for her offense, Judge Martha Christian ruled at a Monday sentencing hearing. Tisdale also was granted first offender status, which means her criminal record will be erased when she completes her sentence.

Tisdale had already been acquitted of a felony obstruction charge and a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing in a trial held earlier this month.

Tisdale was arrested in August 2014 while videotaping a Republican rally at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm in Dawsonville.

The rally was open to the public and other journalists were there, but Tisdale was told to stop videotaping by a sheriff’s deputy. When she continued to videotape, the deputy forcibly removed her from the rally and arrested her.

The case triggered much discussion about freedom of the press and government attempts to shut down the media.

Will DeKalb sue?

The DeKalb County school system is threatening to go to court over the recent annexation of the Emory University tract by the City of Atlanta, but no lawsuits have been filed yet.

DeKalb school Supt. Stephen Green is on the warpath over the fact that the 744-acre annexation will mean that school children in the area will be part of the Atlanta school system.

Green contends that’s “an enormous transfer of wealth from the children of DeKalb to an already wealthy school system.”

“Key stakeholders obtained the district’s support through repeated promises by the key stakeholders that the annexation would not result in any encroachment on the district by Atlanta Public Schools,” Green said in a letter to several public officials.

Kemp wants it both ways

Secretary of State Brian Kemp illustrated Wednesday the timeless quality of a politician who wants to have it both ways, without seeming to be aware of the contradiction.

Kemp, who’s running for the Republican nomination for governor, emailed his “Christmas list” of what he hopes to see the Legislature do in the upcoming session.

“Eliminate Tax Breaks That Only Benefit Special Interests” Kemp says at one point.

But that it is immediately followed by, “Protect The Film Industry Tax Credit.”

The film industry tax credit, of course, is a tax credit that benefits a special interest: the film industry. So if Kemp had his way, that tax credit would be eliminated and protected at the same time. Which is a hard trick to pull off.

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