Reactions from both sides to the Vogtle nuke decision

[private]The Public Service Commission’s unanimous decision Thursday to authorize Georgia Power to proceed with construction of two additional reactors at the Plant Vogtle complex, in the face of massive cost overruns, drew strong reactions from both sides of the nuclear power issue.

Georgia Power President Paul Bowers: “The decision to complete Vogtle 3 & 4 is important for Georgia’s energy future and the United States. The Georgia Public Service Commission has shown leadership in making this complex and difficult decision and recognized that the Vogtle expansion is key to ensuring that our state has affordable and reliable energy today that will support economic growth now and for generations to come.”

Ted Terry of the Sierra Club, Georgia chapter: “The commission has failed Georgia’s hard-working families and businesses today by choosing to be lapdogs for Georgia Power instead of watchdogs for the people of Georgia. Georgia Power’s profits have soared because they’ve been allowed to pick the pockets of families, schools and churches for a boondoggle that even the PSC’s staff has called too uneconomic to continue — yet today commissioners chose not to stop it.”

Gov. Nathan Deal: “I commend the Public Service Commission for its vision and foresight in approving continuation of the Plant Vogtle expansion while holding the owners accountable to ratepayers. Investing in clean, sustainable energy infrastructure is a worthwhile endeavor that will have a positive economic impact as well. Plant Vogtle Units 3 and 4 will provide affordable energy to Georgians for more than 60 years while creating 6,000 jobs during project construction and 800 well-paying, permanent ones after.”

Stephen A. Smith, executive director of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy: “This nuclear project is clearly not economic, it still has years to go before completion with billions of dollars of additional cost exposure to hard working Georgia families and small business, it’s simply a horrible deal for electric power customers. As the last new nuclear power plant standing this should be a lesson: these nuclear facilities can not be built on time nor on budget, their size and scale allow them to be ripe with corruption and mismanagement and we still have a long way to go with this failing project.”

Chris Clark, Georgia Chamber of Commerce: “The Chamber welcomes today’s decision by the Georgia PSC. It provides certainty to the project’s owners, while recognizing that there are many challenges ahead to complete this project on the revised construction pathway. Today’s PSC decision will help keep our businesses competitive both nationally and globally for decades to come.”

John Noel, candidate for the PSC: “This decision means even more money will be poured down the bottomless rat hole of the unneeded Plant Vogtle. The main concern of the PSC and Georgia Power now is how best to put a positive spin on the costly boondoggle. But the people of Georgia are fed up with the long stream of rationalizations and broken promises about Vogtle.”

Lindy Miller, candidate for the PSC: “What we saw today was a slap on the wrist. These so-called concessions were a drop in the bucket; stockholders are profiting while Georgians pay. After today, the people of Georgia will still bear the lion’s share of this project’s risk.”

State Sen. Michael Williams (R-Cumming): “I’m very disappointed by the PSC’s decision to charge ratepayers hundreds of dollars to continue construction of the disastrous Plant Cronyism project. The PSC played Santa Claus for Georgia Power and Scrooge for ratepayers. They ignored the recommendations from their own analysts, handed Georgia Power a blank check, and incentivized failure. Georgia Power should be responsible for their own cost overruns.”

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