Cagle raises $4 million in latest reporting period

[private]Lt Gov. Casey Cagle’s campaign for governor said he raised more than $4 million in the last six-month reporting period and has raised a total of more than $6.7 million.

The Cagle campaign said Cagle now had more than $5.75 million for his Republican primary race. He has been the leading fundraiser among all candidates for governor.

“Once the legislative session is over, we’ll return to campaigning full time and deepening our reserves,” Cagle said. “We want to make sure we have every dollar we need to communicate effectively with Georgia voters.”

Cagle may have problems getting a quick end to the legislative session, however. House Speaker David Ralston has hinted that he won’t be inclined to hold a fast session unless the Senate and House can agree on a rewrite of the state’s adoption law.

Cagle’s campaign report has not yet been posted by the state ethics commission, which has not posted any reports from any gubernatorial candidates for the period ending Dec. 31.

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