House passes supplemental budget for Fiscal Year ’18

[private]The Georgia House voted 167-8 Tuesday to pass the supplemental budget for the current fiscal year, which adds about $306 million in spending to a state budget that now totals $25.3 billion.

The spending plan now goes to the state Senate for consideration.

The “little budget” allocates $118 million more to pay for growth in K-12 public school enrollment and another $12 million for the state’s public colleges.

The budget also includes $25 million for one of Gov. Nathan Deal’s pet projects, to lengthen runways at rural airports outside Atlanta.

Where Deal put $15 million in the amended budget to buy new school buses for local systems, the House added another $500,000 to bring the number of new buses purchased to 200.

The House version also includes funding for four mobile welding labs to be used for teaching purposes around the state, rather than the two proposed by Deal.

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