Kemp: No to Delta, yes to guns & ammo tax break

[private]Secretary of State Brian Kemp, a Republican candidate for governor, agrees with his GOP colleagues that Delta Air Lines should not get a $40 million tax break from the Legislature.

Kemp has taken it a step further, however, by calling for a tax break instead on the purchase of firearms and ammunition.

“I propose a sales tax holiday that corresponds with the Fourth of July and includes the purchase of firearms, ammunition, holsters, and safes,” Kemp said Tuesday. “If state lawmakers are unwilling to put hardworking Georgians first this session, I’ll do it in 2019 as the Peach State’s next governor.”

“Now, it’s time for the Georgia Senate to kill the tax break for Delta and replace it with a sales tax holiday that benefits the same 2nd Amendment supporters that Delta – and other corporate cowards – are publicly shaming,” Kemp said Tuesday.

Kemp’s statement was the latest twist on a tax bill passed by the House and now before the Senate that would grant Delta and other lines a sales tax exemption on jet fuel worth about $50 million a year, with the bulk of the tax break going to Delta.

Top Republicans – with the exception of Gov. Nathan Deal – have been falling over each other in their haste to condemn Delta for ending its discount program for NRA members. Deal still wants to give Delta the tax break.

“Instead of giving millions of our hard-earned tax dollars to billion-dollar-businesses that want to disarm law-abiding citizens, we should give a tax break to hardworking Georgians who want to protect their families and loved ones from criminal aliens, terrorists, and gang members,” Kemp said.

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