Political Notes – Kemp’s first campaign ad focuses on deportation

[private]Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s first TV ad in his race for governor focuses solely on undocumented immigrants and his pledge to deport them quickly.

Kemp says in the commercial: “Kate Steinle, Edwin Jackson, and The Cannon Family. All killed by illegal immigrants. Donald Trump is right – we must secure the border and end sanctuary cities.”

Voiceover: “As Secretary of State, Brian Kemp fought Obama twice and won to stop illegal immigrants from voting.”

Kemp: “I’ll do the same as your governor. I’ll enforce the ban on sanctuary cities and track and immediately deport all criminal aliens so our kids don’t become the next victims.”

Kemp’s harsh stance against immigrants is another example of the Republican field’s hard shift to the right in the governor’s race. It likely will not be the last ad attacking undocumented immigrants.

Deal signs adoption bill

Gov. Nathan Deal signed HB 159 Monday, legislation that comprehensively rewrites the state’s adoption law.

“Today, I signed HB 159 into law, finally bringing much-needed reforms to our adoption laws and making it easier for adoptive parents to create a loving family in our state,” Deal said. “This critical and bipartisan bill streamlines the adoption process and updates Georgia’s adoption laws for the 21st century.”

“With the signing of this bill into law, we are giving children, including the 13,500 children in foster care, renewed hope for a forever family,” Deal said.

Eagle’s Landing bill passes House

Legislation that would rip out about half of Stockbridge’s tax base and assign it to a new city of Eagle’s Landing (SB 262) was passed by the House Monday, 95-58.

The drive to incorporate Eagle’s Landing is believed to be the first time that a new city has grabbed property and residents from an existing city.

A related bill, SB 263, has yet to be voted on by the House.

Personnel notes

State Rep. Beth Beskin, former state senator Judson Hill, and litigator Steven W. Hardy have joined the Atlanta law firm Chalmers Burch & Adams.

Beskin is currently serving her second term in the House. Hill was a senator for 13 years before running unsuccessfully for Congress last year.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Beth, Judson and Steve to the firm. They are very well-respected for their legal and political skills, and they are great additions to our litigation and political law teams,” said Doug Chalmers, the firm’s managing member.

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