Deal bids farewell to lawmakers for one last session

[private]With the end of his second term in sight, Gov. Nathan Deal thanked legislators Thursday night for what they accomplished with him during his eight years in office.

“We can see a lot of things that all of us should have pride in, and that is across party lines as well,” Deal, accompanied by his wife Sandra, told the House of Representatives near the close of his final legislative session.

“For the first time in 33 years, the state has fully funded the QBE formula (for local schools), and that is a great achievement,” Deal said. “Just think of how many General Assemblies met during those 33 years and were never able to fully fund that formula.”

The governor noted that this session the top personal income tax rate for Georgians was reduced, a tax rate that had not been cut since 1934.

“That was a first in terms of the volume and the magnitude of those cuts,” Deal said.

He later jokingly told the Senate, “If you can’t get reelected on the things we did this year, you probably don’t deserve to be here in the first place.”

“We can all leave and go back home and say, this was a good session,” he said.

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