Political Notes – Capitol offices will be closed Monday for MLK march

[private]Gov. Nathan Deal has ordered Capitol Hill offices to close on Monday for the march planned by the King Center to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Deal said he will join members of the King family and other dignitaries to give remarks at Liberty Plaza, where the march will end and the “Love for Humanity Tribute” will begin.

The governor has also ordered that flags fly at half-staff in honor of King on April 9 in coordination with the event.

State employees in Capitol Hill offices have been told to telecommute.

Deal’s actions contrast starkly with those of Gov. Lester Maddox after King’s assassination in 1968. Maddox shut down the capitol but refused to have any participation in the funeral cortege.

Kemp angles for NRA endorsement

In an attempt to secure an important political endorsement, Secretary of State Brian Kemp has written a letter to NRA officials warning them to stay away from Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle in the governor’s race.

Here are excerpts from the letter to Chris Cox, the NRA’s chief executive:

The NRA is getting played.

Please have your team review HB 930 from this past legislative session. It passed on the last day (aka Sine Die). It is a legislative package to expand mass transit in Georgia, especially in the metro Atlanta area in which Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is located.

This legislation does not include the comprehensive jet fuel tax break that Delta Airlines sought earlier in the year, but it does grant to airlines at Hartsfield (notably Delta) an exemption from a local transportation sales tax known as TSPLOST that Clayton County may levy in the near future.

Clayton County is where Hartsfield Jackson airport is primarily located. The exemption applies to any airport that has more than 750,000 takeoffs and landings per year. In Georgia, the only airport that qualifies is Hartsfield Jackson.

As those of us involved in Georgia politics like to say…..you’ve been “Casey Cagled”.

He tells you one thing while cutting secret deals to help Delta down the line.

I know that Cagle’s team will throw all sorts of confusing jargon and legislative baloney at you trying to deny this. It’s complicated legislation that they will undoubtedly try to make more complicated when they explain it to you.

But the facts are the facts. Delta benefits in the near future from this legislation that Cagle supported.

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