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Shafer bill would allow banks to hold raffles

Senate bill would authorize financial institutions to hold savings promotional raffles for their depositors . . ,

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House gives final passage to weapons bills

Bills allowing tasers on campus and prohibiting banks from refusing to offer services to gun dealers are on their way to the governor’s desk . . .

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New law will create state tax court

Legislation is signed to create a tax court to hear disputes between taxpayers and the Georgia revenue department . . .

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Political Notes – Can we get an elections bill passed?

Can Brian Kemp’s annual elections bill be saved? That’s one of the issues to be decided on the 40th and final day of the General Assembly session . . .

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As lawmakers push loan bill, three more banks fail

Three more Georgia banks fail as lawmakers debate a bill that could cause further damage to the banking community by making it easier for developers not to pay back loans they personally guaranteed . . .

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Developers’ bailout bill scaled back in committee

The House Banks and Banking Committee waters down a bill that would have allowed developers to walk away from loans they personally guaranteed . . .

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House banking committee hears criticisms of borrowers’ bill

House banking committee holds another hearing but does not vote on a bill that would allow borrowers to walk away from loans they personally guaranteed . . .

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Senate sidetracks foreclosure registry bill

An attempt to gain a quick Senate vote on a foreclosure registry bill foundered, with the measure sent back to the Banking Committee . . .

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