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Political Notes – Court says states cannot require citizenship evidence when people register to vote

Supreme Court releases decisions affecting voter registration, congressional redistricting, and the drugs used in lethal injections . . .

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House passes congressional map, session end nears

House Republicans pass the congressional redistricting map and send it to the Georgia Senate, which will vote on it next
wednesday . . .

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Political Notes – Will Broun run in a new district?

Will the new congressional maps prompt Rep. Paul Broun to run for another term in the 9th District rather than stay in the 10th District? Stay tuned . . .

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How will they redraw Georgia’s congressional districts?

Legislators will be able to draw a new congressional district for Georgia because of population growth; that new district most likely will be centered around Hall County and Gainesville . . .

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Keown helped ensure his own defeat

How one legislator voted for a redistricting bill that contributed to his political defeat five years later . . .

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