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Political Notes — Gingrich for veep speculation is building

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich is the center of talk about who will be Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate . . .

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Turner out as EPD director, stays on as water lawyer

EPD Director Jud Turner is stepping down from the position on June 1, but will continue to work for the state as a water wars lawyer . . .

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Political Notes – Georgia GOP voters like Carson (and Trump too)

Georgia’s Republican voters still prefer Donald Trump and Ben Carson over anyone else in the presidential primary . . .,

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DNR board will delete Chattahoochee flow standard

The state’s board of natural resources prepares to eliminate minimum flow requirements for the Chattahoochee River, raising concerns among those who live downstream from Atlanta . . .

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Buffer zones don’t apply to marshlands, court rules

Georgia Supreme Court agrees with EPD that state law doesn’t require protective buffer zones along coastal marshland areas . . .

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A billion-dollar pipeline moves steadily onward

The Palmetto Pipeline will be one of Georgia’s largest infrastructure projects ever, but it is flying under the political radar as it moves ahead . . .

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Coastal marshland buffer bill approved by House

House passes bill to restore a 25-foot buffer zone along coastal marshlands; will the Senate go along with changes to the measure? . . .

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Coastal marshland bill clears Senate committee

Legislation that would require a 25-foot protective buffer along the state’s coastal marshes is approved by the Senate Natural Resources Committee . . .

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Ga. Supreme Court hears marshland buffer case

The fight between environmentalists and the EPD over the protection of Georgia’s coastal marshlands heads to the state’s highest court . . .

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Deal reshuffles the troops for water wars litigation

Gov. Nathan Deal has set up a new legal office to coordinate all the federal lawsuits involving water allocation issues . . .

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